Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Monday, October 13, 2003

Well it's my day off from work today (thankgod). I don't mind working at freakin the Country Club of Coral Springs, but god! I just hate resturant type work. But i gotta do this since its the only thing avaiable for me and i need the cash to do what i need to do.

Im probably gonna hop on the busted mountain bike and take it to my gym. I finally paid the fuckers after they called my house everyday for like a week straight asking for their money. I was getting fed up with them, so i went in and PERSONALLY told the guy. Your money will be here soon! blah! So what do they do? continue to call me like i never went in or something >:o freakin idiots!

Also, Jons mom said i don't gotta pay rent anymore. How cool is that? I just have to buy my own shampoo, soap, wash my own clothes, don't touch any of their food, buy my own mouth wash, tooth paste, ect. But i got plans worked out, and for the past 3days now i haven't touched their food and i been surviving fine :) But its good since i can save a lot of my money now.

> I guess Jon told me the other day that his parents are like fed up with me ::shrugs:: i got no idea why, i finally got a job like 2weeks ago, i been picking up after myself, i barley touched their food through out the month and they still have problems with me. It makes no sense lol.

Anyways i never did a blog before. This is my first true post. I'll make sure to do some more, it'll be like MIKEY KS SITE OF MASS DESTRUCTION. no what? IT IS!
This is my new blog

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